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Brief introduction

SINOSI OIL & CHEMICAL LTD. a member of SINOSI Group, is a company invested by Sinosi Group Corporation and Sino Surplus International Ltd. The focus business currently of SINOSI OIL & CHEMICAL LTD. are petroleum, chemical and mineral materials such as base oil, fuel oil, crude oil, wax, polishing and cleaning materials, iron ore, chrome ore, manganese ore, barites, talc, kaolin clay as well as mineral and chemical materials.

Main business scope

Our currently main business scope are including as follow:

Base Oil

Various products of SN-150, SN-300, SN-400, SN500 as well as BS products from Russia, Germany, USA, Venezuela, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, UAE, India, Taiwan and domestic production and so on.

Fuel Oil

Mainly fuel oil including: low-sulfur, middle-sulfur, high-sulfur straight run and cracked fuel oil materials. The main end-users are China local refineries, chemical plants and electric producer.

Crude Oil

The main crude oil we are dealing now are including: Mesa Blend from Venezuela, Bonny Light from Nigeria, Carbinda from Angola, Saudi Light from UAE and so on.

Chemical Materials

We are now dealing chemical materials such as wax, polishing and cleaning materials produced in USA, Germany and Japan etc. which including Auto Magic, PRO, OPT and Smarwax and son on.

Mineral Materials

The main mineral materials we are dealing now includes iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore, nickel ore, barites, talc, and kaolin clay and so on including import and export and related local sales in China market.

Project business and related service

We are also providing very positive and effective supports for many more business areas that SINOSI group involved in, such as international petroleum field, project, mine project trading and strategic investment under of SINOSI group.

Some of our relationship

Relying on the resource advantage and professional industrial background from SINOSI group, SINOSI OIL has already acquired the following qualifications:

-The exclusive agent in China market for General Oil Inc. from USA;
-The exclusive agent in China market for Seaharvest Worldwide Energy from Canada;
-The exclusive agent in China market for HOCEM from Germany;
-The exclusive agent in China market for National Oil Inc. from USA;
-The exclusive agent in China market for APEC Global Resources from Nigeria;
-The exclusive distributor in China market for Auto Wax, an ITW Company from USA;
-The general agent in China market for Sintesi from Italy;
-The agent for China market for Max Trading from USA.
-The exclusive distributor in China market for BAF Industries from USA.
-The exclusive distributor in China market for OPT from USA.
-The exclusive distributor in China market for Smartwax from USA.
-The consultant in the great China region for Pemeco from Germany.

Contact Us

You are always welcome to contact us at any time if you have any enquiry or question per the following information:

Tel 86-1062058905; 82070683
Fax 86-1082070690; 82079576
E-Mail: or or

And you may also find more information about our current business from the following websites:

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